About Husky Movers LA

Our moving service started when one of our friends needed help moving to a new apartment and could not find a cheap, reliable company to hire. We noticed that we could do everything with more care and dedication than any stranger could, and figured that if we could do it for a friend we could do it for others, and Husky movers was born. Now we apply the same principles of dedication and care for all of our customers.

Husky Movers is dedicated to the communities that we serve. We believe in giving back; that is why we have several programs that highlight our community involvement.

Senior Citizen Discount. We offer a special, discounted rate for our elder customers. In addition, our movers strive to accommodate their needs. We take pride in assisting senior citizens in their move to assisted care facilities and retirement communities.

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Why Choose Husky Movers LA

Customers across the L.A. area choose us for their moving needs because we are renown for our affordable, friendly and professional service. We arrive at your door fully ready with the required tools for the job. As we start your move, wo wrap your valuables carefully, as if they were our own. Then, we utilize boxes of the right size, and move everything with care. Once your furniture is loaded in the truck, we strap everything and protect it for a safe, smooth ride to your new location! Check out our yelp and Facebook reviews. We look forward to helping you with your move and answering all your questions!