Looking To Hire Cheap and Affordable Movers In Los Angeles?

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If you have wondered if you would lose quality when if you hired cheap movers Los Angeles, you won’t!  don’t take our word for it though go to the bottom of the page, and read all our Google reviews.  We offer residential and commercial moving services in the Los Angeles area and will provide you with great service.   There is so much to consider, who to hire, are they a reputable company, packing, unpacking, budget.  We are the best option for you as we are committed to the moving of your belongings hassle-free!

We have talked to several clients and what we heard is that they were considering doing the move themselves!  However, they realized it would be easier to hire a moving company because it was too much to deal with.  Factoring the time for a residential or a commercial move, friends might not show up, packing, is it worth it?  If someone drops a box and items break, does your friend have the insurance to cover that?  These are all factors that you should consider when you are planning a move.

Husky Movers a top moving company in Los Angeles!  Why should you hire us?

With Husky Movers, our prices are cheap in Los Angeles but we are a top moving company in Los Angeles.  We can give you a quote right away and when we arrive you will notice that we will work quickly!  Our mission is to make this move as simple and as painless as possible, because, bottom line, moving stinks!!

If you consider us to help you move in the Los Angeles area we will take care of your belongings.  We will review your items, organize the move to properly load your items to minimize the risk of damage.   The transportation part of the move is when the greatest risk occurs for damage so we do this properly.  LA stop and go traffic you run the risk of having even more damage so we plan accordingly.  If you are considering renting a moving truck ask yourself this question.  “What experience do I have in driving one of these big trucks on a Los Angeles freeway?”  Most people if they answer honestly is going to be little to none.

Our employees are not contractors and we have designated drivers for each move, and they are picked based on experience and record.  What we mean by that is when we plan your move, we are going to consider all the different routes from the original destination to the destination.  We are also going to look at the time of day, the day of the move and from all of that, we will assign you the right person for that drive.

If you happen to be moving out of an apartment building that has narrow roads within the complex that will also be something we will need to consider.  Therefore, it is important that when we are asking you specific questions you give us the most accurate information that you have at the time.  Please let us know what floor you are on, how narrow the driveway is if we will need to take apart any large appliances, etc.

Husky Movers is properly insured and licensed and can provide all the documentation needed!  You have plenty of choices when you need to hire a cheap moving company in Los Angeles, CA so we respect the fact that you are considering us.  So give us a call today and we look forward to helping you move!

To learn more about the services we want to lead you to a few other pages on our site.  Click on Commercial Movers to learn more about our office moving services.  To learn more about our residential services click on Cheap Movers Los Angeles to know more.

To get more detailed licensing information about us you can go to https://apps.cpuc.ca.gov/apex/f?p=203:35:0::NO:RP:: to learn more!

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