Questions to ask a moving company

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Every year, people are moving all over Los Angeles, so looking for movers Los Angeles is important.  We at Husky Movers would love your business but we want you to be confident in working with us.  We think that when you are looking for a moving company in Los Angeles Ca, you should ask some important questions.  We also recommend that you do your homework and be willing to take your time.  Don’t worry about asking us too many questions!

  1. Proper Inventory Tracking- A legitimate moving company will want to know how much you must move prior to giving a quote. So, ask how they determine the cost based on your estimate of items that you need to have moved.  Moving services in Los Angeles doesn’t have to be hard to find.  We suggest that you do your homework and hire the company you feel comfortable with.
  2. Only work with an insured company- Some moving companies might not be listed with review organizations, so make sure to check their insurance. You will want to check if they are bonded if they have workers compensation insurance and liability insurance.  Reputable movers in Los Angeles will have all the necessary paperwork to show you.
  3. Do not be hesitant to ask for references! When you talk with a company ask for some references, you can also go to their Google page and read the reviews!  You never want to take the word of the company, do your research.
  4. Consider your budget. If you are on a tight budget, ask what you can do on your own to save money.  An honest company will give you a list of things you can do on your own.  Keep in mind though, if you pack a box and your items fall out the moving company is not liable.  If you can afford to, have the moving company pack the boxes for you.
  5. Ask about claims. Some Los Angeles moving companies will give you up to 9 months to file a claim.  However, do not assume what that time frame is, make sure to ask and get that in writing.  We suggest that you check off each item that was moved and check for damage.

These are just a few questions for you, and we suggest that you contact several companies before you hire one.  We consider ourselves to be a top moving company in Los Angeles and are affordable too.  You can read our reviews below and you will see for yourself!

If you are looking for moving services in Los Angeles please contact us right away to get a quote!  Our commitment to you is to be fair and honest, offer great service with a seasoned team!  When you are thinking about finding movers in Los Angeles, think!

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